Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Orlando, FL

Occupational therapy revolves around helping children participate in everyday activities through therapeutic intervention. The most common example includes children with disabilities learning to participate in school and social situations, or everyday activities such as eating or dressing themselves. However, occupational therapy is aimed to help treat all emotional, social, developmental and even physical problems in children. Therapeutic treatment involves an evaluation of the child and an ongoing facilitation of developmental milestones. Throughout the process, recommendations will be given for adaptive equipment, and guidance will be given to family and caregivers.

Goals of Our Occupational Therapy Program

We focus on developing those skills early on by treating the following needs:

  • Facilitates development of fine motor skills and developmental milestones
  • Maximizes posture, bilateral coordination, mobility, and strength
  • Addresses sensory processing, visual-perceptual coordination, toileting and hygiene, feeding and oral-motor therapy, and other self-help skills
  • Considers socialization and emotional development, language and communication, and attention and cognitive abilities
  • Uses splinting and bracing and other assistive technologies to improve handwriting, dressing, and other activities of daily living
  • Promotes access in the community, self-advocacy and inclusion, and family education and training
  • Supports a comprehensive approach to health-care and medical needs

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Orlando Fl         Pediatric Occupational Therapy Orlando Fl

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