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Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy at Home

We understand that some children may need physical therapy for several reasons. Our physical therapists aim to provide services that support and improve your child’s functioning, balance, mobility and coordination. Whether your child has a nerve or genetic disorder or sustained an injury, we will strive to help them improve their condition.

How Does In-Home Physical Therapy for Toddlers and Children Work?

Our physical therapists will come to your home and assess your child’s physical abilities, including balance, posture, range of motion, motor function and coordination. Our therapists will also review your child’s medical history and determine realistic goals based on their unique needs and condition.

Once the physical therapist has made these assessments, they will develop a customized treatment plan aligned with the child’s goals and anticipated outcome. All practices are designed for the child’s specific needs and abilities at an age-appropriate level.

Our services start with teaching your child how to use their muscles and increase their range of motion and flexibility. If successful, we can advance to endurance, strength and coordination.

If necessary, our physical therapists can also teach your child how to use assistive or adaptive devices. We will track your child’s progress and adjust their treatment plan as required.


Benefits of TLC Pediatric Physical Therapy

Physical therapy benefits children of all ages, no matter why they need it. Whether they are healing from an injury or working on mobility, coordination and balance for another reason, our therapists have the experience to offer quality, compassionate help. Advantages include:

  • Improved strength: In-home physical therapy for injuries, physical conditions and other challenges can help your child improve or regain muscle strength.
  • Better posture and reflexes: Our services can assist with improving posture and the muscles’ involuntary responses — reflexes — to stimulation.
  • Increased balance and range of motion: Physical therapy may help your child regain or improve balance and equilibrium and increase their range of motion.
  • Reduced pain: Physical therapy can help children manage or lower the pain they experience from a disability or as they heal from an injury.

Overview of TLC Pediatric Therapy Services

TLC Pediatric Therapy provides speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy. We serve children and teens from birth to 21 years old, using evidence-based practices to provide your child with one or more services.

We complete all services from the comfort of your home. Our therapists and medical professionals visit you to assess, diagnose and treat your child in the comfortable and familiar environment of your house.

We also understand that each child has unique needs and goals. We design and customize treatment plans to accommodate each specific child and maximize the opportunity for improvement.

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