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Our Services

We provide comprehensive services to children and their families throughout Orlando, Florida. Our services include speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.

We help children with several conditions and disabilities using highly-trained and licensed therapists. Learn more about our in-home services below, or contact us to schedule an appointment.

Pediatric End-to-End Therapy at Home in Central Florida

Our practitioners provide in-home services for all four of our specializations. A therapist will come to your home, evaluate and assess your child and discuss needs and goals. Then, we’ll design a customized plan and deliver sessions in the comfort of your home.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy practitioners aim to help your child:

  • Develop communication, language and oral motor skills.
  • Improve their self-confidence and public speaking abilities.
  • Reach developmental milestones for receptive and expressive language.
  • Progress in their feeding and swallowing capabilities.
  • Address concerns like developmental delays, voice and articulation disorders, stuttering and verbal apraxia.

Trust our team to get your child the right care to help them with speech and language challenges.

Learn about our Speech Therapy Services


Physical Therapy

We will work to help your child increase endurance and strength or return to their previous function after an injury. Our physical therapists can help your child:

  • Gain body awareness, postural control and alignment.
  • Participate in community recreational activities and sports.
  • Improve coordination and balance.
  • Increase their range of motion.
  • Learn how to use adaptive and assistive equipment.
  • Meet developmental milestones.

Let our team work with your child through physical therapy to help them improve their abilities.

Learn about our Physical Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps your child complete more daily activities with assistance via therapeutic intervention. Our occupational therapy services can:

  • Use assistive technologies to improve daily living activities like writing and dressing.
  • Help with posture, coordination and mobility.
  • Improve fine motor skills and meet other developmental milestones
  • Address needs like self-hygiene, visual-perception coordination, oral-motor skills and sensory processing.

These services can help children with several conditions, such as developmental, emotional, social and physical challenges.

Learn about our Occupational Therapy Services


Why Choose In-Home Children’s Speech and Occupational Therapy and Other Services?

In-home developmental therapy services allow your child to receive the care they need in a comfortable environment. Whatever services your child needs, our individualized in-home sessions can help. We can treat children with several conditions and challenges:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Asperger’s syndrome
  • Down syndrome
  • Developmental delays
  • And many more!

We aim to help improve your child’s independence and boost their self-esteem with treatment led by professionals.

Contact Us to Start a Kid’s Custom Comprehensive Therapy Plan

TLC Pediatric Therapy is part of the Kids SPOT Family of Companies and provides customized in-home therapy services to help children lead their best lives. Trust our trained professionals to help your child acquire new skills and improve independence. Call 407-905-9300 or contact us online to schedule an appointment!

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